Retros, Made Easy.

Everyone has their own style of team or project retros.

There are a few quick pointers on the graphic to help you facilitate your next retro with ease. 
Hover over the numbers and we’ll show you what features we use to make things simple.

Rather watch a tutorial? Check out this little screencast of some helpful retro tips!

Multiple Sheets

Create many sheets on the same board to organize your Stickies sessions.
Incognito Mode

Use incognito mode so everyone can share their thoughts and ideas privately before sharing with the team.
Automatic Colors

Type "I like", "I wish", or "We will" and see your stickies automatically turn the right color.
Upvote Ideas

Use the +1 button to vote for shared thoughts and ideas.
Group Stickies

Organize similar stickers tighter by dragging one sticky on top of another to create groups you can name.
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