Real-Time Sticky Notes For Teams

Create, move, cluster, and upvote stickies in real-time. Perfect for affinity maps, retrospectives, and brainstorming sessions.

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Brought to you by Carbon Five

Digital Stickies for all your Sticky needs!

  • Invite Anyone

    Easily invite your team to collaborate on the same board.

  • Just Two Clicks

    Create a new sticky by double-clicking on the sheet. Change color, title, group, copy, and paste. It all works.

  • Auto Arrange

    Keep your work organized, and your sanity in check with a one-click to automatically align your stickies.

Easy Retro Format

  • Smart Stickies

    Type “I like” and the sticky turns green. “I wish” and it turns orange. “We will” turns the sticky blue. Allowing for consistent formatting, perfect for agile and thoughtful retros.

  • Incognito Mode

    Turn on incognito mode, set a timer, and let your team get their thoughts out privately before sharing the board - because no one likes to be watched while they type.

The Story of Stickies

Stickies is made by Carbon Five. We are a team of passionate product makers: just like you!

We created Stickies to have an easy way to run effective retros when the team can’t all be in one place, and we offer a free version to the software community we love so much.

We hope Stickies helps you build great products and — more importantly — happy teams!

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